The Yorkshire Dales is an area of outstanding natural beauty in the north of England. The region is famous for its beautiful landscapes, including the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Lake District National Park. The Yorkshire Dales is home to a number of iconic landmarks. These include the Yorkshire Dales Railway, the Yorkshire Dales Wind Farm, and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trail which are just a few of our favourite Yorkshire Dales hotspots.

The Yorkshire Dales is a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors each year. The region is also popular with walkers, climbers, and cyclists, who come to enjoy the stunning scenery and the many outdoor activities on offer.

If you’re thinking of visiting the Yorkshire Dales, or if you’re just curious about this beautiful part of the world, read on for more information regarding some of our favourite Yorkshire Dales hotspots.

Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls

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These tropical Christmas decorations will bring smiles to even the grinchiest souls—with beachy snowmen, sparkly lights, and quirky decorations that will make you want to plan a Florida holiday getaway vacation.

I grew up in South Florida and fondly recall palm trees wrapped with white lights. Now when I visit Florida in early December, I see Christmas spirit exhibited in prolific and clever ways. Many houses are absolutely overloaded with Christmas decorations.

Florida residents and businesses are obsessed with creating tropical Christmas decorations that, while over the top, are always fun. Below are some recommended places where to find the best Christmas lights in Florida.

Tropical Christmas Decorations: Florida Edition

Floridians make the most of ocean views, palm trees, and sunshine during the holiday season. Take some classic and quirky ornaments, add a little color, and let beaches and pools provide the perfect backdrop.

Here are some fun Christmas

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We decided to hop over the border into Austria (country 75) and visit Salzburg following a trip to Munich, Germany for Mr ESLT’s birthday. A lot of people do it as a day trip. However, as we had the time and really wanted to see what Salzburg has to offer we decided to spend 4 days in the pretty city. We’re really glad we did. It gave us the opportunity to explore at a slower pace. It also allowed us to spend some time (possibly too much time) in the beer gardens. Salzburg is famous for being the filming location for the Julie Andrews classic, The Sound of Music. As neither of us has ever seen the film, we were intrigued to see if there’s more to the city than just places featured in the film. We had also not really done a lot of research before our trip.

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Afterward, I followed a narrow path to the beach in the pelting rain, which seemed appropriate. The wind blew, and I could see whitecaps far into the distance. Washed up logs, limbs, tree stumps, and thousands of round stones worn down by the elements––were telltale signs of the power of Mother Nature in this region. 

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

Birder Alert!

I couldn’t work it into my schedule, but I’ve heard great things about the Bird Observatory not far from the lighthouse. Its position at the tip of the peninsula makes it a prime spot for over 340 species of migratory birds, many of them rare.

Where to Eat in Trout Lake

Other than coffee and muffins in the morning, Covid put the kibosh on in-house dining at Birch Lodge until 2021, when a restaurant will open.

For snacks, drinks, and ready-made sandwiches, the nearby country store is your best

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3. How many people are on the tour?

Pick a tour with the smallest number of guests for your budget. It can be difficult to cultivate the camaraderie that makes trips of this nature so much fun in big groups. “The more, the merrier” is also not conducive to capturing a location; it makes it difficult to take a decent photograph when you’re jockeying for a good position.

Large groups are distracting or intimidating to local communities, locals may be intimidated by a large pack of camera-toting travelers, and it may limit your opportunities for valuable one-on-one time with the lead photographer.

4. Is the itinerary crafted to make the most of my photography?

Unfortunately, some larger travel companies market their standard tours to photo enthusiasts by inserting “photography” in the title and adding a big-name photographer to the mix — without modifying the itinerary.

What should you expect? Worthwhile

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