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10-Day Michigan Upper Peninsula Road Trip Itinerary

Afterward, I followed a narrow path to the beach in the pelting rain, which seemed appropriate. The wind blew, and I could see whitecaps far into the distance. Washed up logs, limbs, tree stumps, and thousands of round stones worn down by the elements––were telltale signs of the power of Mother Nature in this region. 

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

Birder Alert!

I couldn’t work it into my schedule, but I’ve heard great things about the Bird Observatory not far from the lighthouse. Its position at the tip of the peninsula makes it a prime spot for over 340 species of migratory birds, many of them rare.

Where to Eat in Trout Lake

Other than coffee and muffins in the morning, Covid put the kibosh on in-house dining at Birch Lodge until 2021, when a restaurant will open.

For snacks, drinks, and ready-made sandwiches, the nearby country store is your best

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A Guide to Picking the Best Photography Trip For You

3. How many people are on the tour?

Pick a tour with the smallest number of guests for your budget. It can be difficult to cultivate the camaraderie that makes trips of this nature so much fun in big groups. “The more, the merrier” is also not conducive to capturing a location; it makes it difficult to take a decent photograph when you’re jockeying for a good position.

Large groups are distracting or intimidating to local communities, locals may be intimidated by a large pack of camera-toting travelers, and it may limit your opportunities for valuable one-on-one time with the lead photographer.

4. Is the itinerary crafted to make the most of my photography?

Unfortunately, some larger travel companies market their standard tours to photo enthusiasts by inserting “photography” in the title and adding a big-name photographer to the mix — without modifying the itinerary.

What should you expect? Worthwhile

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Molori Safari Lodge & Spa’s Superlux Safari

In between game drives, I spent a lot of time eating. (No one will ever go hungry at Molori Safari Lodge. There was more food than I could ever eat in a lifetime), editing photographs or photographing the animals around the watering hole.

Molori treated me to a massage, and as is always the case, I had no idea how sore I was until the masseuse started working on me. My muscles were wet noodles of contentment, and my soul soon followed by the time it was over.

A girl could get used to the high life.
I wonder how much a butler costs?

Molori Safari Lodge Details

Who Will Love It

Families looking for quality time together. The camp is fenced, and children of all ages are welcome. 

Honeymooners or couples that want to go all out. 

Solo travelers don’t mind being alone during their stay if the other

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The Best Gifts for Photography Lovers

Susan Portnoy photographing in Peru on a boat

The Best Gifts for Photography Lovers

Items they’ll actually use and love!

There’s a lot of gimmicky stuff out there for photography lovers. This gift guide doesn’t showcase any of them. I use and stand behind every product below. For example, lens cleaner may not seem like the sexiest present, trust me, when a lens is dirty in the field with an awesome photo waiting to be made, some cleaner and a microfiber cloth are VERY sexy.

Below are some of my favorite products and services.

(This post contains affiliate links. If you buy products using the links below, I receive a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.)

The Best Gifts for Photography Lovers

(On another note: Here’s a list of Great Gifts for Travel Lovers )

Worthwhile Splurges


Peak Design: Carbon Fiber Tripod

If you or your giftee is a dedicated photographer, a good

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Affordable African Safari Camps with Great Wildlife Viewing

At the base of the hill, dirt pathways slice through the grass leading to five guest tents. A wooden dining table sits at the edge of the camp’s perimeter seats ten, a large umbrella rising from its center. A thinning of the trees created a natural frame for the Masai Mara beyond, enabling diners to see nearby wildlife while they eat.

My guide Jackson and tracker Dickson were a unique pair. Jackson was an excellent guide, but our personalities didn’t click (it happens), and it made our time together challenging.

Camp Details – Porini Mara

  • Highlight: Outdoor dining area facing the Mara
  • 6 guest tents (including one family tent) with en-suite bathrooms and flush toilets 
  • Bush showers
  • Large dining tent with lounge

Porini Camps in a Nutshell

Every Porini camp has its distinct personality, but, on average, they boast a rustic glamping vibe. They are all 100% solar-powered, and the

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