10 New Trends in the Traveling World, Solo Travelers to Healthy Holidays

10 Trend Baru di Dunia Traveling, Solo Traveler Hingga Liburan Sehat

If you are someone who loves to travel, of course you should know the latest trends in the world of traveling.

1. Solo traveling

Since January, there has been a rapid increase in search results for solo travel on Google. Many think that this year will be the beginning of a new era for those of you who like to adventure alone.

In fact, traveling companies have even opened packages specifically for solo travelers,

2. More and more new places to visit

So far, we don’t know many tourist destinations because they are remote or difficult to reach. However, through social media, finding information about new tourist destinations has become easier, guys!

Countries such as Ethiopia, Bhutan, and Kazakhstan are some examples of countries experiencing an increase in the number of tourists due to the effects of social media.

3. Healthy travel packages

Along with the development of trends in the health sector, many tourists are starting to think about how to stay fit during the holidays.

Therefore, travel companies have responded by creating healthy travel packages!

4. More and more people are visiting Canada

According to the New York Times, Canada is one of the most popular countries for international tourists. The number of tourists visiting Canada from year to year is also expected to continue to increase.

5. A more eco-friendly cruise

The demand for traveling by cruise ship has increased by 4.5% compared to last year. However, of course this has an impact on the destruction of marine ecosystems.

So, in 2018, travel companies that hold cruise ship tours are also expected to use fuel that is more environmentally friendly.

Traveling is okay, but don’t damage the environment, okay?

6. Winter, peak holiday season

Despite the cold and biting temperatures, there are more and more hotels being built around the Arctic region. In addition, there is also the Harbin ice festival in China which has millions of visitors.

Apparently, the cold air is not a barrier to keep adventuring, huh!

7. A new definition of adventure

During this time, many associate adventure with doing things that are extreme or adrenaline pumping. But, starting this year, travelers seem to have a new definition of adventure.

Instead of extreme travel, the current trend is more towards cultural tourism, tasting local food, even visiting local traditional markets,

8. Traveling for single parents

With the increasing number of single-parents, especially in Canada and the UK, travel companies are proposing new types of packages.

This holiday package is much cheaper than travel packages for ordinary families. Now, anyone can travel at an affordable price.

9. New places to visit in Europe

Talking about a vacation to Italy or France may already sound normal. Plus, the density of tourists in these countries actually makes us unable to enjoy the existing trip.

Well, instead, you can travel to Belarus, Cyprus, or Moldova. Who knows you might even find a new, more interesting tourist attraction,

10. The Middle East is also the newest option

Almost like Canada, countries in the Middle East are also experiencing an increase in terms of tourism.

Therefore, traveling packages to countries such as Iran, Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan are starting to become a tourist trend.

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