Molori Safari Lodge & Spa’s Superlux Safari

In between game drives, I spent a lot of time eating. (No one will ever go hungry at Molori Safari Lodge. There was more food than I could ever eat in a lifetime), editing photographs or photographing the animals around the watering hole.

Molori treated me to a massage, and as is always the case, I had no idea how sore I was until the masseuse started working on me. My muscles were wet noodles of contentment, and my soul soon followed by the time it was over.

A girl could get used to the high life.
I wonder how much a butler costs?

Molori Safari Lodge Details

Who Will Love It

Families looking for quality time together. The camp is fenced, and children of all ages are welcome. 

Honeymooners or couples that want to go all out. 

Solo travelers don’t mind being alone during their stay if the other guests are more reclusive.

How To Get There

From Johannesburg, Molori is a four-hour drive or a one-hour small plane ride on Federal Air. Best to let Molori handle the booking; the airline is hard to reach outside of South Africa. The lodge is a 10-minute drive once you set down in Madikwe. For those who prefer helicopters, Molori also has a helipad.

I recommend South African Airway‘s direct flight from JFK to Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Aiport for international travelers from the United States. If you arrive too late for the flight to Madikwe, the Intercontinental Hotel at the airport is a great layover option. The Federal Air terminal is within the OR Tambo airport complex and an easy walk from the hotel.

(Full disclosure: SAA provided me with a flight for this trip, but I’ve been flying SAA for years, and they have no influence over what I write. )


Lots of elephants, lion, leopard, black-backed jackal, wildebeest, brown hyena, leopard tortoise, kudu, impala, warthog, giraffe, zebra, hyrax, white rhino, a black mamba snake, and a myriad of birds,

Photographers Dream

The lodge has a jeep modified for photographers. It has six seats instead of the standard nine, enabling freedom of movement throughout the vehicle and two swiveling metal bars for shooters who prefer to use gimbal heads. I particularly liked the large bin affixed to the back of the front seat that held my tripod, personal belongings, and ancillary equipment.

Other features Worth Checking Out

Check out the gym, outdoor yoga studio, and spa near the main house.

Nice Touch

Laundry is delivered wrapped beautifully in tissue paper (and a ribbon). I thought they’d given me a gift.

You Should Try

Indulge in high tea. I had mine under a lovely tent high on one of the lodge’s many terraces overlooking the bush.

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