Hotel Amenities to Look For When Travelling With Family

When travelling with your family, especially small children, choosing a hotel that offers all the amenities you want and need to make your holiday as easy and of course, fun as possible is crucial. This includes having a fitness centre, restaurants, pet-friendly rooms, and free WiFi. Here we look at some of the key amenities in more detail.

Free WiFi

Free Wifi - Hotel Amenities When Travelling with Family

Free WiFi is one hotel amenity that can make your stay more comfortable and rewarding. It can also help you save money as some hotels charge for WiFi even now. Hotel guests expect high-quality wireless internet to enable them to work from their rooms, stay in touch with family members, and more. Many hotels offer free WiFi to their frequent guests. And some hotels are even creating new designs and features to appeal to kids which is something to look out for when travelling with children.

Also, several airlines offer free in-flight WiFi. Some have partnerships with credit card companies, which can give elite/frequent flyer passengers free access for the entire flight. Others provide free WiFi to the first 100 passengers. If you plan a holiday. consider taking advantage of these discounts. You can compare flight prices across several sites to find the best deal.

A Fitness Center

Fitness Centre when travelling with family

Many hotels offer a fitness centre to one degree or another. The likelihood is there will be more facilities and options in luxury hotels. Therefore if working out is important to you and your family it should be an amenity you look for when booking a hotel for your next getaway. Some hotels i.e. Hilton offer specific programs – Five Feet to Fitness which offer in-room fitness equipment. Booking one of these rooms means you can do your workout without having to leave the comfort of your room. Perfect if you have children and no one to watch them while you visit the gym.

The Five Feet to Fitness concept includes:

  • An exercise ball.
  • A workout video.
  • A meditation chair.
  • A nifty indoor bike from Wattbike and a touchscreen Fitness Kiosk.

For travellers interested in staying fit while on the road, a gym or fitness centre can make or break a trip. But it’s essential to find one that’s right for you. Depending on your needs and workout routine, you may opt for a hotel that provides yoga mats, running shoes, weights, balance balls, and resistance bands. 

In-Room Board Games

For families on the go, plenty of in-room board games are sure to please. If you experience a rainy day while travelling or a member of your family is ill while on holiday and you can’t leave your room, a board game is a great activity to keep everyone entertained and make time pass quickly. Do your research when booking your hotel to find out if they offer in-room board games.

If they do not, there are some great travel board games on the market for you to take with you. The Clue Sandwich Card Game is a great choice for a family road trip. This game is easy to play and a lot of fun. It’s designed for two to four players. Played in 15 to 30 minutes, the game is perfect for younger kids. Another good option for families on the road is Bananagrams. Despite its diminutive size, this word game can be played by anyone. The goal is to form a word that starts with the letters in your hand.

Pet-Friendly Rooms

If travelling with your pet, make sure you know the policies of your chosen hotel before booking. Not all hotels allow pets. However, some hotels offer pet-friendly rooms (although these can be limited) which will allow your cat, dog or authorised service animal to stay with you. Some hotels even have special pet amenities, such as special pet towels or water bowls and some offer exclusive pet-only suites. Pet fees vary greatly from hotel to hotel. Some hotels charge per stay or per day, while others have a per-pet-weight limit. Others have specific pet policies, such as charging a fee for cats or dogs. You should also be prepared for a large deposit or cleaning fee which will usually be added to your room rate.


If you are looking to travel with your family, you want to ensure access to various facilities. One of the major factors when deciding on accommodation is ‘does the hotel have a restaurant?’ They offer the convenience and versatility you need to enjoy your holiday without stress. After a long day of sightseeing, having a restaurant on site takes away the hassle of trying to find somewhere to eat. Plus, if the hotel you choose to stay at has several on-site restaurants, it is likely that you will find somewhere to suit all the family.

When booking a hotel room for your family, you should take your time and find the best hotel for you and your family for the best price by using things like coupons. Whether you want to spend a weekend in the big city or a week at the beach, you can count on a hotel to make your trip as pleasant as possible.


The scent is one of the most important elements of hospitality. It can enhance your customer experience and help the hotel make more money. The right scent can make any room feel cosy and luxurious. Hotels have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of scents. Many hotels use floral scents to evoke a summery, feminine feeling. Other hotels use scents that evoke nature and solitude. Some focus on uplifting scents that encourage productivity. Luxury hotel fragrances can lift your mood and calm you. They also create a positive impression and improve consumer behaviour. For example, happy customers are more likely to make purchases, stay longer, and even make larger transactions. A good hotel will also have a signature scent that represents its brand. This allows guests to remember the hotel and relates the brand to their experience.

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