Belgium: A Winter Weekend In Leuven

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing in a charming European city. Leuven, in the Flemish region of Belgium, is the perfect place to do just that. The city is home to Belgium’s oldest university, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, which was founded in 1425. This medieval city is also home to world-renowned breweries, delicious Belgium chocolate, and lovely architecture. Leuven is located about 30 minutes outside of Brussels, making it the perfect day trip if you’re visiting the Belgian capital. But if you have time, I recommend spending at least a weekend in this cosy city. Here’s what to do during a winter weekend in Leuven.

Visit The Christmas Market

Are you looking for a truly magical Christmas Market experience? Look no further than the Leuven Belgium Christmas Market. It is a must-visit for anyone in the area during the holiday season. The market dates back to the 14th century and is one of the oldest in Europe.

This festive market is located in the picturesque town of Leuven and is the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping. With over 300 stalls, you’ll find everything from traditional holiday foods to unique gifts and handcrafted decorations. There’s also a kid’s zone, so the little ones can enjoy the market too. So come on down to the Leuven Belgium Christmas Market, experience the festive atmosphere and start your holiday season off right.

Cosy Up With a Hot Chocolate At one of Leuven’s Many Cafes

Leuven is known for its cafes and coffee culture – and for good reason! This charming Belgian city is home to some of the best cafes in the country. And what better way to enjoy a cold winter day when the medieval city centre is covered in a blanket of snow, and the Christmas lights twinkle in the frosty air than by cosying up with a hot chocolate in one of Leuven’s many cafes?

So if you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a hot chocolate this winter, there is something in Leuven for everyone from cosy traditional cafes to hipster hangouts. So what are you waiting for? Grab your coat and head to Leuven for a hot chocolate (or two).

Take a Walk Through The Historic Grand Place

The historic Grand Place in Leuven is one of the most beautiful places in Belgium, and it’s even more stunning during the Christmas season. If you find yourself in Belgium during the holidays, be sure to take a walk (or even a self-guided walking tour of Leuven) through the Grand Place and take in all the festive sights and sounds. Christmas is a magical time of year, and the Grand Place is the perfect place to enjoy it.

You’ll find stalls selling traditional Christmas goodies like gingerbread, handcrafted gifts, and of course, plenty of Belgium’s famous chocolate against the backdrop of the Town Hall. Wandering through the Grand Place is a must-do during your visit to Leuven at Christmas. So put on your warmest coat and get ready to enjoy all the festive sights and smells of this beautiful city.

Wrap Up Your Weekend With a Belgian Beer

Belgian beer is world-renowned for its quality and flavour, and there’s nowhere better to try it than in Leuven. There are over 100 breweries in Leuven, including the brewery of one of Leuven’s most famous exports – Stella Artois, so you’ll be able to find something to your taste. And if you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – there are plenty of bars and restaurants that will be happy to help you out. Here are a few you may want to check out when you visit Leuven:

Here are just a few of the best Belgian beer bars in Leuven:

  • Café Curieux
  • Bierboom
  • Brasserie de la Senne
  • Biercircus

So if you’re looking for a great festive getaway a winter weekend in Leuven is the place to be. Cheers!

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