Top tips for preparing for your first family holiday to Cyprus

Going somewhere new for the first time is exciting, but it can also be a little frightening. This is especially true if you are headed somewhere new with your children. Choosing a destination is an important step, but if you’re planning a holiday to Cyprus, you chose well. This family-friendly island is a welcoming place full of child-focused facilities and activities, with breathtaking scenery and 74 blue flag approved beaches. Here are some top tips to make sure you enjoy your first family holiday to Cyprus.

Adjust your expectations

As adults, we tend to be fairly good at adapting our routines to suit new situations. We can mostly cope with getting up early if we need to catch a flight. But it’s important to remember that many kids will struggle with this, so explaining what they can expect will help mentally prepare them – meaning they are less likely to become the screaming toddler on the plane. It also helps to pack plenty of treats and be sure to not run out of snacks.

Holidays as a family are naturally best enjoyed at a slower, more relaxed pace than when it was an adults-only affair. To avoid disappointment, don’t plan a sight-seeing itinerary featuring more than one location per day, as children tend to be far more inclined to build sandcastles repeatedly in the same spot for five hours than rush from place to place.

Pay for convenience

Where you might usually ignore the upgraded parking and transport options to save some money, do yourself a favour and do the opposite when planning a family holiday. Trust us, it is worth it to save yourself the drama of hauling children who ‘can’t walk anymore’, plus all the luggage, across a massive car park.

The same applies to accommodation – if you can score a family suite with two rooms instead of one, do it. When the kids are in bed and you want to spend some quality time with your partner you will appreciate having a second room. Better still, Cyprus has a vast selection of stunning private villas available to rent. This offers the best of both worlds as you can put the kids to bed on time and still enjoy yourselves, relaxing in your own private pool with a glass of wine.

Play it safe

You may already know about the many fantastic days out waiting for you in Cyprus; the stunning beaches, the Paphos Zoo, and the Ocean Aquarium in Protaras to name just a few. However, with all the unfamiliar sights of these new and exciting places, children can easily become lost. It is a great idea to invest in some ID bracelets and teach your kids rules regarding what to do in dangerous situations, such as approaching another family with children or a police official. Having a plan everyone knows in case you become separated will go a long way to help keep your children safe when visiting Cyprus.

 Enjoy yourselves

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas on how to prepare for your first family holiday to Cyprus, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and have lots of fun on this beautiful island!

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