Ways To Reduce Airport Stress

We’ve all been there before: standing in a long security line, dealing with a lost baggage claim, or trying to make a connecting flight. Airport stressful situations are unfortunately a part of travel. While we can’t always control what happens when we’re at the airport, there are ways to minimize the stress that we feel. To help make your next trip less stressful, here are some ways to reduce airport stress.

Leave Home Early

Airport stress can start the moment you leave home. Especially if the airport you are flying from is a long distance away. Anything could happen on your journey which could make you late for your flight. You should always aim to arrive at the airport two/three hours before your scheduled flight time. The time depends on if you are taking a domestic or international flight). However, if you have the option and want to reduce travel stress, set off as early as you possibly can just in case there are any traffic delays/car issues/ weather problems etc along the way. You cannot plan for every eventuality but factoring in an extra hour or so may be beneficial just in case.

Check-In Queues

Once you have arrived at the airport, the next step is usually to check in. This can be a lengthy experience. Unless you are flying with an airline which gives you the option to check-in in advance of the day of departure. If this is the case you can usually proceed to bag drop, if you have a hold bag. And you can often head straight to security if you are travelling with only hand luggage. Usually, there are multiple check-in queues you can choose to join. Check out which one looks like it’s moving the fastest to reduce stress. For example, getting stuck behind one family could actually take longer than half a dozen couples or solo travellers because of the hassle of multiple passports, bags etc.

Airport Lounge

If you are a frequent flyer/ use a certain credit card etc you may get free entry into an airport lounge. If you do, do not miss the opportunity. And if you don’t and can afford to pay for entrance – you should do it. They allow you to relax before your flight in a laid-back environment. A number of airlines and companies offer airport lounges and the quality and amenities on offer do differ. However, from our experience, most offer food and drinks (some self-serve, some bar service). They usually also offer magazines, TV areas, computer access and quiet spaces. They are the perfect place to head, get away from the hustle and bustle and reduce airport stress if you are in a position to do so.

How Long To Walk To Gate?

Many airports are big old places with a lot of gates. Therefore, to reduce airport stress we always recommend waiting for the gate to be announced before you make the decision to walk anywhere. within the terminal. Even if you are a frequent flyer on the route gates often do change. We have walked anywhere from a couple of minutes to 20 minutes from the lounge to the gate (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport I’m looking at you!) Imagine setting off in one direction to find out that your gate was actually in the other direction. How frustrating. So, keep an eye on departure boards. Be ready to grab your stuff and go as soon as your gate number is publicised just in case it is a long walk.

Nervous/ Fear of Flying

This is nothing to be embarrassed about at all. Even after visiting 75 countries and taking regular trips in the air, Vicky is still not the best at flying. There is of course a big difference between being a bit nervous and having genuine fear. However, both can cause a lot of stress and tension. One option is taking a Fear of Flying course. Several airlines including British Airways and EasyJet offer these courses to aid you in overcoming your fear of flying. Some courses are in person at an airport and some courses are online for you to work through at your own pace. Either way if it reduces airport stress and allow you to not be worried during your flight, it has got to be a good thing, right?

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